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Take-out, dine-in or delivery.

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Daily Special

  • Egg Foo Yung
  • Mushrooms, garlic chives, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, Chinese sausage, cilantro and egg in a spicy beef gravy topped with chicken cracklins and sweet gai lon greens. With rice. $10


  • A-OK $9 Lunch Combo (takeout add $1). Everyday 'til 3pm.
  • most dishes have a choice of beef, pork, chicken, veg, tofu, or shrimp (add $2) and white, brown, or fried rice (add .50)
  • First, choose one of the following entrées (add protein and/or rice choices):
  • Moo Shu Pork
  • Spicy Lo Mein
  • Tomato Lemongrass Curry
  • Kung Pao (Spicy, GF)
  • Broccoli
  • Honey Sesame
  • Sour Orange
  • Then choose one of the following appetizers:
  • Pork Dumpling (steamed or deep fried)
  • Fried Eggrolls
  • Salt and Pepper Big Wing (GF)

Finally, grab a cold drink and you’re all good!

PU PU / Soup / Salad


  • Pork Dumplings
  • ground pork, ginger, cilantro, soy, green onion, soy-rice wine dipping sauce.
  • Steamed or fried. 6
  • Mushroom-Goat Cheese Rangoons
  • five mascarpone, goat cheese, shiitake & caramelized onion rangoons served with hoisin or plum mustard sauce. 6
  • Fried Eggrolls
  • two eggrolls filled with sprouts, Napa cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, and scallion, with hoisin dipping or plum mustard sauce. 6
  • Crispy Duck Springrolls
  • confit of duck, Yu Choy (Chinese flowering cabbage) and caramelized onion in two crispy, thin spring roll wrappers served with hoisin or plum mustard sauce. 7
  • Chicken-fried Pork Buns (Spicy)
  • two ginger-marinated pork loins dredged in rice flour then deep fried, served in steamed buns with pickled cabbage, onion and a spicy XO mayo, fresh cilantro. 7
  • Salt & Pepper Big Wings (GF)
  • four fried whole wings tossed in sea salt, jalapeño Szechuan pepper, chili thread and black pepper, caramelized onion with ginger vinegar. 6
  • Shrimp Toast
  • five pieces of white bread with shrimp, water chestnut, scallion, chili with soy rice wine sauce or ginger vinegar. 6
  • Five Spice St. Louis Short Ribs
  • with ginger hoisin on rice and cabbage. 11
  • PuPu Platter
  • 2 shrimp toast, 2 pork dumplings (steamed or fried), 2 five-spice baby back ribs, eggroll, and soy-ginger, plum-mustard & hoisin sauces. 11


    • Spicy Mushroom Soup (Spicy, GF)
    • silver and wood ear mushrooms, sweet vinegar, sambal, bamboo shoots, tofu, gai lon leaf, cilantro, shiitake mushroom broth. 6
    • Chicken & Crispy Noodle Soup
    • chicken, bok choy, scallion, ginger & cilantro in a rich chicken broth with chili-salt crisp noodles. 6


    • Chilled Chicken Bang Bang
    • pounded, chilled chicken in sesame pepper dressing on Napa cabbage with cucumbers and pickled carrots, red peppers and jalapeños, scallions and cilantro on rice noodles. 7
    • Crunchy Vegetable Salad
    • cucumber, radish, fennel, wood ear mushrooms, Shao Hsing/black vinegar dressing, Napa cabbage. 7

    Fried Rice / Noodles / Stir-fry

    *Most dishes come with a choice of beef, pork, chicken, vegetable, tofu, or shrimp (add $3 for shrimp) and white or brown rice, or fried rice (add $1). We can make any dish More Spicy or Less Spicy (except for Kung Pao). Just ask.


    • Five Spice Fried Rice (GF)
    • white or brown rice, carrots, peas, scallions, red bells, egg and protein choice. 9
    • Bacon Fried Rice
    • white or brown rice with bacon, jalapeno, red onion, green onion, egg, carrots, peas, scallions, red bell pepper and cilantro. 9

    NOODLES, etc.

    • Moo Shu Pork
    • crispy pork confit, lotus blossom, egg, sprouts, woodear mushroom, bamboo shoot, and Napa cabbage with pepper hoisin and thin pancakes. 11
    • Lo Mein (Spicy)
    • choice of beef, pork, chicken, veggie, tofu, or shrimp (add $3) with fresh vegetables and noodles tossed in a sesame-oyster sauce with crushed red pepper, topped with cilantro and scallion. 11
    • Three-Cup Chicken Wraps (GF)
    • chicken thigh meat and basil caramelized in equal parts shao hsing, tamari, and sesame in napa cabbage with a lemongrass/Asian pear-red pepper-cucumber-chile-scallion pickle, chicken cracklins and choice of rice. 9
    • Salt & Pepper (Spicy, GF) *shrimp are shell on with legs & tail*
    • pork, chicken, or shrimp (add $3) fried with sea salt, jalapeño, Szechuan pepper, pepper threads, black pepper, Napa cabbage, scallion, carrot, red onion, and ginger. 11


    • Kung Pao (Spicy, GF)
    • choice of beef, pork, chicken, veggie, tofu, or shrimp (add $3) with peanuts, chilies, Szechuan peppercorns, with daily stir-fry veggies (sorry, can't get this one less spicy). 11
    • Broccoli
    • choice of beef, pork, chicken, veggie, tofu, or shrimp (add $3) with broccoli, gai lon and scallion. 11
    • Tomato-Lemongrass Curry
    • choice of beef, pork, chicken, veggie, tofu, or shrimp (add $3) cooked in tomato, lemongrass and coconut milk with baby bok choy and carrots finished with scallion-cilantro oil. 11
    • Honey Sesame
    • choice of pork, chicken, tofu, or shrimp (add $3) fried with daily stir-fry veggies. 11
    • Sour Orange
    • choice of pork, chicken, tofu, or shrimp (add $3) fried with rice vinegar, orange and daily stir fry veggies 11